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theoretically self similar. Results

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The rules were given as the following:

If you take the genetic code of a human being, and are capable of reading
it, it becomes a replica of that human being.

if you look at a molecule it resembles a universe. And we cant see deep
enough into infinity to understand everything yet, or even a lot of things.
But infinity is only complex when you go in either direction with it, How
could something go forever? But if you focus on the center point, zero,
the balance between black and white, you realize the universe is a self
similar echo, bouncing in a specific space, constantly losing detail. Racism
is dying out because with each generation it becomes less clear.

my opinion is that you can see a picture of the entirety of our reality
in anything you look at, given the proper mental graph and reference points to place it on.

The topic I intend on you delving into is philosophical, using any specific
or general detail, word, line, or paragraph I just said to you.

Think of science, think of nature, think of fractals. Things can get infinitely small, or infinitely huge, but it's always a ripple.

The rules are simple, You do not have to rhyme, but it should definitely have a flow to it. I don't want you guys to get too mixed up by my description, It could be something as simple as describing patterns in generations. Or as complex as building the universe from an atom. Get creative, wild, and put on your philosophy spelunking helmets.

Patterns. Infinitely small, infinitely large.


Contest Entries for "theoretically self similar."

Title Entered Award
On Philosophy2011-10-23
The theory of everything2011-11-06
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