Poetry Contest: Just standing at the crossroads...

Just standing at the crossroads... Results

Grand prize: DC$ 6

Contest Creator: TropicalSnowstorm

The rules were given as the following:

This contest is open to anyone, but I am especially hoping the members of the High Order of Caratacos can get some action going around here. I propose we write a piece, any style or length (although, you know I love me some free verse) about failure to take action...you know, standing at the cross roads just looking back and forth flummoxed (that's right, I wrote "flummoxed")...and not taking steps to improve things. It can be about yourself, someone you are observing, or about a past state of being that you picked yourself up from.

There is a HUGE 6 ducat prize in it for you, so the winner can convert it into Rubles, fill a hot tub and pour handfuls over their head while saying "Yeah, Beeyoches!"

Just write a piece, go to the contest page and upload it in the next 15 days, which I think would be by September 23...but don't wait until the 22nd to post it, because I may have miscounted.

I will decide the winner based on random criteria that fills my head.

Good luck!



Contest Entries for "Just standing at the crossroads..."

Title Entered Award
Rusty poem from the crossroads ...2015-09-23
you play music notes whilst i write words. 2015-09-17Winner!
Silence On A Stopwatch (entry for contest)2015-09-12
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