Poetry Contest: Just standing at the crossroads...

Just standing at the crossroads... Results

Grand prize: DC$ 6

Contest Creator: TropicalSnowstorm

The rules were given as the following:

This contest is open to anyone, but I am especially hoping the members of the High Order of Caratacos can get some action going around here. I propose we write a piece, any style or length (although, you know I love me some free verse) about failure to take action...you know, standing at the cross roads just looking back and forth flummoxed (that's right, I wrote "flummoxed")...and not taking steps to improve things. It can be about yourself, someone you are observing, or about a past state of being that you picked yourself up from.

There is a HUGE 6 ducat prize in it for you, so the winner can convert it into Rubles, fill a hot tub and pour handfuls over their head while saying "Yeah, Beeyoches!"

Just write a piece, go to the contest page and upload it in the next 15 days, which I think would be by September 23...but don't wait until the 22nd to post it, because I may have miscounted.

I will decide the winner based on random criteria that fills my head.

Good luck!



Contest Entries for "Just standing at the crossroads..."

Title Entered Award
Silence On A Stopwatch (entry for contest)2015-09-12
Rusty poem from the crossroads ...2015-09-23
you play music notes whilst i write words. 2015-09-17Winner!
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