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Grand prize: DC$ 8

Contest Creator: spikedwithLUST

The rules were given as the following:

hey fellow poets,

ebony and ivory have a small task for you all to help you stretch your poetic muscles :)

i have developed a slight obsession for what i like to call list poetry, i am pretty sure that is not a technical term, but who the hell cares. what i need is for you to write me a poem that takes the form of a list. the list can be on any theme of your choice, the list can follow a progression or simply be thoughts on your chosen theme; however, the more interwoven the thoughts, the better. it should all be a cohesive poem.

if it isn’t obvious by now, the structure is a list. ivory and i will be looking for creativity and use of poetic elements such as alliteration, metaphor, simile, allusion (you know all the good stuff), as well as cohesion, plus extra points for badassery. also, we want a brand new poem, no cutting corners. ebony and ivory want to read some excellent poetry, don’t disappoint us friends.

8 ducats to the man or woman who does the best. below are a few different examples of list poetry, these are just guidelines, feel free to make the form your own. happy writing :)


ebony and ivory


http://www.darkpoetry.com/node/work/163201 (ebony)

http://www.darkpoetry.com/node/work/162462 (ivory)


(the music here is terrible, turn it off)

http://milesxmiles.tumblr.com/ (lots of things here)

p.s. i apologize i am an admitted tumblr fiend.
p.p.s. examples are examples, no plagiary please and thank you.


Contest Entries for "lovely little lists"

Title Entered Award
anatomical anomaly.2012-07-12
10 Things I've Lost2012-07-13
Twelve Whispers I Scream and a Parting Note2012-07-14Winner!
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