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hey there. i hope all you heathens, monsters, scallywags, and other lovely faces residing in darkness are well.

the Tribe has yet to post a June contest, as i'm sure some of you have noticed. our leader has a lot going on and has entrusted me to be in charge this go-round (you poor fools. hahaha).

in judging, to aid in my being unbiased, i have requested the help of a few tribe members.

so, here goes!

The Tribe of Cain preseeeeeeentssssss:

Ode to a Villain

write a poem in tribute to your favorite "villain". said villain may be borrowed from literature, comic books, video games, films, any source of media really, or pop culture and the news. (this is also why i'm requesting help in judging because i do have my fangirl favorites. haha. i ask you do not cater to me and write something from the heart. a few of us may end up posting our own entries. judges WILL NOT be considered for the win, though hopefully, our posts will get y'all in the spirit of things.)

please proofread your works, and have fun reveling in the wicked awesomeness of your favorite bad boy, girl, or creature as the case may be. be creative. go wild. there are so many different places you could take this. no holds barred. i want my mind blown.

try embracing one or all three themes of the Tribe:

*DARKNESS (specifically the absence of light/color)

*HEATHENISM (specifically spiritual themes not related to organized religions)

*DEBAUCHERY (specifically subjects of sensual pleasures)

and why not submit an application as well while you're at it?! terms and expectations can be found here:


winner of the contest will be announced within a week of the contest's end. you'll have 2 weeks to get your entry conceptualized, writ, fine tuned, polished, and posted.

have fun, babes! keep it dark.


Contest Entries for "Ode to a Villain"

Title Entered Award
The Reaper2014-07-07Winner!
A Puff of Air2014-07-12
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