Poetry Contest: Scare me to death!

Scare me to death! Results

Grand prize: DC$ 6

Contest Creator: FearlessDragon

The rules were given as the following:

Here's what i'm looking for... I want to read something that will scare the hell out of me!

Any structure and style you want for your poem will be fine.
I take no offense to gore or disturbing topics, so unleash freely!

My only pet peeve is flow, I like a smooth read that keeps my attention. This also includes spelling errors.

Things that scare me most are paranormal and serial killer type stuff... But pick whatever theme you like, if it scares me, more power to ya!

I stress REALISTIC though, I would like to read something that is done in a believable way. Something that feels as if it could or better yet IS really happening.

* For added flair I will be reading all of the pieces in the dark to set the mood!!

Thanks and good luck to you!


Contest Entries for "Scare me to death!"

Title Entered Award
Good Girl2013-07-07
Mommy... Belongs to Me2013-07-07
The Cemetery at Midnight(Where Hallowed Ground Has Fallen Ill)2013-07-07
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