Poetry Contest: The Path In The Shadows

The Path In The Shadows Results

Grand prize: DC$ 10

Contest Creator: Ravenblade

The rules were given as the following:

As poets we have walked a path that has been expressed through our verse, but as darkpoets, our path has not always been in the light...The idea of this contest is to write a tribute poem, either about your favorite poem of all time, the poem that inspired you to begin writing poetry, or a poem that is posed as a letter to your favorite poet.The winning poem should have the title of the poem or poet being tributed(in the authors note at the least), should have proper spelling(or if mispelled an obviousness that the mispelling was intentional), and be of any form of poetry you feel necessary to properly tribute your chosen work or poet(if the work you are tributing is a haiku, then do a haiku, if your poet is famous for sestinas, then do a sestina). Take your time, proofread your work, and make sure it is up to your standards. Try to make your poetic fore fathers proud.Being as it is national poetry month, I thought this would maybe enlighten other poets to take the time to expand their poetic horizons. Please make your respective works proud, and I look forward to reading them all.


Contest Entries for "The Path In The Shadows"

Title Entered Award
Dispelling Ginsberg2010-04-16
Tribute To Poe (Alone) - Contest entry2010-04-09Winner!
Woods of the Suicides2010-05-01
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