Poetry Contest: spring fever and shadowed hysteria

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Grand prize: DC$ 16

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The rules were given as the following:

this contest is way over due as the introduction to my cabal Sunshine Scribbles http://www.darkpoetry.com/groups/detail/GROUP_SUNSHINE_SCRIBBLERS. we are all about letting a little light shine in the darkness, so its time for a somewhat happy contest folks. its Spring Fever lovelies!

spring is in the air, the flowers are in bloom, lovers are out and about....so write about it for me. personify spring, capture its essence in words. any style is acceptable, the winner is the one whose work best encompasses the feel of spring.

BUT wait, there's more...

this contest is being run in conjunction with our sister cabal Inked in Darkness http://www.darkpoetry.com/groups/detail/GROUP_INKED_IN_DARKNESS, so there's also a mini contest running within this one...oh yeah we're awesome like that.

this contest is for collabs only. it aims to celebrate the shadows, those spaces where the dark and the light meet. so grab a dark poet or a sunshine scribbler and word us some shadows. same rules as before, any style goes, best collab wins.

submit to one or to both. but you must have a partner to engage in this Shawdowed Hysteria and you are limited to only person. sorry no poetic whoring, no matter how enjoyable it may be.

get to writing!

1st place for Spring Fever...16 ducats (a quarter basic)
2nd place for Spring Fever... 10 ducats

1st place for Shawdowed Hysteria...12 ducats (6 per partner)


Contest Entries for "spring fever and shadowed hysteria"

Title Entered Award
A Memory of the Sea2011-04-23
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