Poetry Contest: Be a good Halloweenie.

Be a good Halloweenie. Results

Grand prize: DC$ 8

Contest Creator: TheProphetUntold

The rules were given as the following:

The Tribe of Cain Presents:
Be a good Halloweenie.


The Halloween season is upon us.

For this contest please write on one of the following three subjects...

Jack the Ripper
The Headless Horseman
The Salem Witch Trials/ Witch Hunts

Any format, any length.

The contest will be judged on a 25 point scale.

Creative Merit: 10 points

Element: 10 points (Metaphor, Rhyme, Alusion, Alegory, Format/Structure, Alliteration, Similie, Personifacation, etc. At least something, used, not overused.

Meter: 5 points (A good poem is easy to read and the ideas flow well, simple, this is a poetic element, but crucial enough to hold it's own 5 points. Poets usually tank hard here)

Have fun, good luck.


Contest Entries for "Be a good Halloweenie."

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