Poetry Contest: The Darkness Inside

The Darkness Inside Results

Grand prize: DC$ 24

Contest Creator: Amaryllis

The rules were given as the following:

Dark Poetry's newest and oldest member-created cabals, Flawed Beauty and Inked In Darkness, have joined forces, along with the Gold Member Mafia, to present "The Darkness Inside".

Flawed Beauty is a cabal centered on any illness or disorder concerning self-image and offers a non-judgmental support system to help members on the path to self-acceptance.

Inked In Darkness is a cabal of the night--dedicated to keeping Dark Poetry alive in the wee hours and embracing the darkness.

Everyone struggles with their own personal demons at one time or another. Using any poetic form, including freeverse, short essay, and journal entry, face your fears. This contest isn't for creepy crawlies or things that go bump in the night--you must own your personal darkness.

A winner will be chosen by representatives of Flawed Beauty and Inked In Darkness. 24 dc, equivalent to one month of gold membership, will be awarded to the winner. A second place award of 12 dc, equivalent to one month full membership, and a third place award of 6 dc, equivalent to one month basic membership, may be awarded provided there are enough entries and/or exceptional pieces.

Any questions should be directed to River Lily or Evangeline.
Night is the new day.


Contest Entries for "The Darkness Inside"

Title Entered Award
Lucifer's Song2011-03-01
I Don't Know2011-03-05
My Poetic Dark Side2011-03-07
Trembling in the Arms of a Puddle2011-02-20
"Hard Crossing"2011-02-27
The O.C.D.emon2011-02-18
The Immortal Darkness (Dokim)2011-02-23
I Know the Darkness2011-03-05
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