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I have returned. It has now been six years since I last posted on this site, and I can't tell you how much I've missed everyone.

I left in 2005 while writing my 10th book of poetry. Now, in 2011, I am on my 25th book.

Most of my works are available at, and will soon be available on the iBookstore.

I will leave my popular and most-commented on poems on this site, and delete the rest to make room for newer works.


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theBAC's Works

Poetry 2011-03-29-----
Poetry 2011-03-29without a title
Poetry 2005-05-13black leather couch
Poetry 2005-06-21june 21, 2005 - tuesday
Short Story 2005-07-26in this long forgotten beach town we once shared*
Short Story 2005-07-26ghost
Short Story 2005-07-26a part of us
Poetry 2005-06-21of light & dreams
Poetry 2004-12-26pinky finger trailed across a velvet rope
Poetry 2004-12-20from the stars you’ll learn to follow
Poetry 2004-12-15dead on the law
Poetry 2004-12-12sweep the leg, johnny!
Poetry 2004-12-12kahl gyaqueie
Poetry 2004-12-10skyline drive & skyline drive*
Poetry 2004-12-10c yaaa
Poetry 2004-10-27in emergency
Poetry 2004-10-19the christmas i got batteries but no toys
Poetry 2004-10-07armour & avondale
Poetry 2004-08-25when the earth shakes & bottles break
Poetry 2004-08-25zombie! zombie! zombie!
Poetry 2004-08-09whiskey dick
Poetry 2004-08-08indictment, persecution, & conviction
Poetry 2004-07-22nobility
Poetry 2004-07-22sex-less lovemaking
Poetry 2004-05-20cutting myself on the circle's edge
Poetry 2004-05-20the war of art
Poetry 2004-05-19within the ashes lies the silence
Poetry 2004-05-18you kept our love in a jar
Poetry 2004-05-16con amore siempre
Poetry 2004-05-15niggle
Poetry 2004-05-12we've come too Far to fall
Poetry 2004-05-11the happiest heart in the saddest girl
Poetry 2004-05-10stargazer (or an idle dreamer)
Poetry 2004-05-15holos kaustos
Poetry 2004-05-11in saecula saeculorum
Poetry 2004-05-06shitwanga
Poetry 2004-05-07bourgeoisie
Poetry 2004-05-05paroxysm
Poetry 2004-05-01pulling your teeth from my bloody knuckles
Poetry 2004-05-01rallentando
Poetry 2004-04-27midnight has come & gone
Poetry 2004-04-28i love(d) being able to say we
Poetry 2004-04-30extempore expectoration of the vile yet frugal seed
Poetry 2004-04-25cathedral
Poetry 2004-04-25fighting a lonely war ( a farewell to kelly)
Poetry 2004-04-24masticating his testibles
Poetry 2004-04-21lanky & pretentious (or i know i am but what are you)
Poetry 2004-04-21sweet dreams for the copacetic clique
Poetry 2004-04-21the cause for a cure
Poetry 2004-04-19schoolyard salvo
Poetry 2004-04-19Untitled
Poetry 2004-04-19brett-fly & the kelly-goat (or i'll never stop loving you)
Poetry 2004-04-18freedom fries (or the all-american all-stars)
Lyrics 2004-04-17waiting on a brand new midnight
Poetry 2004-04-16passive crossover (or the equalization of the solar-cells)
Poetry 2004-04-16in the days of the invincible youth
Poetry 2004-04-12something rarely said
Poetry 2004-04-12tranquil nights of colloquial lies
Poetry 2004-04-12words & passwords
Poetry 2004-04-12your feature presentation will begin momentarily
Poetry 2004-04-04tryst (or tryst)
Poetry 2004-04-04to live & die in a.a.
Poetry 2004-04-04minute deliberation before extreme & blatant pontification
Poetry 2004-04-04paseo
Poetry 2004-04-03without the darkness there is no light
Poetry 2004-03-31curtain/lights up (or the beginning of act II)
Poetry 2004-04-01soixante-neuf
Poetry 2004-03-28thursday wakes up silent...
Poetry 2004-02-04violin strings & garrot wires (or instruments of a bitter end)
Poetry 2004-03-22c*nts without a clue
Poetry 2004-03-17ethereal tripsy [or my paranormal lost (last) love ]
Poetry 2004-03-17living in the shadow of another
Poetry 2004-03-16rorshach man
Poetry 2004-03-16dio? who dis? dis ain't dr. dre?
Poetry 2004-03-16sisyphus' son (or the pebble not quite a boulder)
Poetry 2004-03-16rainbow socks with the individual toes
Poetry 2004-03-16ferlinghetti's seed
Poetry 2004-03-15woodstone & 81st
Poetry 2004-02-03needlepoint in the moonlight (or a lesson in addiction)
Poetry 2004-03-11nine lives lived (or a black cataract derision)
Poetry 2004-03-11maroon car my ass! (this motherfucker's red!)
Poetry 2004-03-11whores don't deserve my heartbreak
Poetry 2004-03-11suicides notes & straightened coathangers
Poetry 2004-03-08conception: for holly
Poetry 2004-03-08troy's bucket
Poetry 2004-03-04the world of celluloid & flickering light
Poetry 2004-03-02andala & the dildo of frozen tears
Poetry 2004-03-02the pebble minority
Poetry 2004-02-29jerking off in the reflecting pool
Poetry 2004-02-28quo vadimis
Poetry 2004-02-28buildup/breakdown
Poetry 2004-02-23you are what it is i see in you
Poetry 2004-02-23victory rose
Poetry 2004-02-03when angels wish for snow
Poetry 2004-02-02leaving lenexa
Poetry 2003-12-11jacky d. & o.j.
Poetry 2003-10-13cry, the beloved country
Poetry 2002-09-13i sat in a penguin with a goat: a love story (for kelly)
Poetry 2002-09-21shoe-laces. david taylor, and a NFG shirt
Poetry 2004-02-03cigarette burns & emulsion scratches
Poetry 2003-12-14white socks & the kthomas shirt
Poetry 2003-09-21beyond the wire above the ground
Poetry 2003-07-06pop tart body shot
Poetry 2002-10-31a girl i once knew
Poetry 2004-02-12the 4th reel epiphany
Poetry 2004-02-12discreet lines & downhill eyes
Poetry 2004-01-05slunt
Poetry 2003-12-12jag ar nyfiken
Poetry 2003-11-12shiznatis
Poetry 2003-09-21from decepticons to the aqua teen
Poetry 2003-09-19quotidian tearjerker: part one
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