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My Name Is Kayla Renee.

I'm a 22 year old college student/graduate. Everyone has a history, some grimmer than others, but I find beauty in the breakdown.

I trip more than I glide, and I really hate to lie. I work part-time at a dead end job, where you'll find many "lifers" or people who will never leave. I don't want that type of future. It's my final year of college, and I found what I think is my calling now- and everything is falling beautifully into place~

If there is anything worth noting that I have learned, it is that the past does not dictate the future, and "Wisdom is not measured in years, it is measured by what happens in the time you have lived."

Miztaken4beauty's Works

Poetry 2010-03-24Marionette
Poetry 2010-03-24What it seems
Poetry 2010-03-24The End
Poetry 2010-03-25Style
Poetry 2010-03-25Cynic
Poetry 2010-03-25Renee
Poetry 2010-03-26Deadly Love
Poetry 2010-04-04Scars of a Memory
Poetry 2010-04-07Victim[izer]
Poetry 2010-04-08Locked Away
Poetry 2010-04-08Love Bug
Poetry 2010-04-08Complications
Poetry 2010-04-09Scorned
Poetry 2010-04-12Fairy Castle
Poetry 2010-04-13To: You
Poetry 2010-04-13A Lie of [Love]
Poetry 2010-04-13Remember
Poetry 2010-04-28New Beginning
Poetry 2010-04-28Phobia
Poetry 2010-05-03A Reason to Die
Poetry 2010-05-04On Beauty
Poetry 2010-05-08To the Soldier
Poetry 2010-05-08To the Idealist
Poetry 2010-05-09Words of a Girl Who Never Learned to Swim
Poetry 2010-05-09If You're Gonna be Two-Faced
Poetry 2010-05-10Falling into a Shadow
Poetry 2010-05-11In the Language of Butterflies and sun kisses
Poetry 2010-05-16The Student
Poetry 2010-05-17Ninja kisses in long forgotten stairways
Poetry 2010-05-18It Seems School Really Taught Me Something
Poetry 2010-05-19The contemplations of a fragile fake
Poetry 2010-05-25Warning Label
Poetry 2010-08-21Let's look Again
Poetry 2010-08-21It was a trap
Poetry 2010-08-23Another Fairy Tale
Poetry 2010-08-24Sleeping Beauty
Poetry 2010-08-25That's Showbiz, Babe
Poetry 2010-08-30A simple apology
Poetry 2010-09-01Impasse
Poetry 2010-09-06Resignation
Poetry 2010-09-07Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave
Poetry 2010-09-14Call Me Nothing, Please.
Poetry 2010-09-17Meandering thoughts
Poetry 2010-09-21He was Right
Poetry 2010-10-25To the Imaginary Girl
Poetry 2010-11-03Retrospect
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