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I might put some of my new work here. I haven't posted in years. Life changes, getting older, and unique struggles have distracted me from sharing with the world and seeking wisdom from others.

Never stop writing.

Matthew P.

Liath's Works

Poetry 2003-12-11Toying with Death...
Poetry 2003-12-11Do You Believe In Fate?
Poetry 2003-12-18Torture for Escape
Poetry 2003-12-19Insomniac's Dream
Poetry 2004-02-14You Are...
Poetry 2004-02-14Love's Infinity
Poetry 2004-02-14Blissful Death...
Poetry 2004-02-14Black Halo
Poetry 2004-02-14Evil Inside
Poetry 2004-02-17Flashback
Poetry 2004-02-17Afraid
Rant 2004-02-18Why?
Poetry 2004-02-25Tear Jerker
Poetry 2004-03-30Crucified Inc.
Poetry 2005-04-27Of Eyes, Knives, and Life
Poetry 2004-04-05Fuck with You
Poetry 2004-04-07Unreality Unto Thee
Poetry 2004-04-10Not The Only One
Poetry 2004-04-11A Light In The Dark
Poetry 2004-04-14Jehovah vs. The Morning Star vs. Ourselves
Poetry 2004-04-15My Descent
Poetry 2004-05-01Lady Love
Poetry 2004-05-11Disconnected (free write)
Poetry 2004-05-18Shadow Zone
Poetry 2004-05-18Gravy Train
Poetry 2004-05-19Indefinate Eternity (Without love)
Poetry 2004-05-19Asylum
Poetry 2004-05-19What Do I Do?
Poetry 2004-06-03From the Haze
Poetry 2004-07-04Empty Seat
Poetry 2004-07-07Stone Out of the Ring
Poetry 2004-07-08My World
Poetry 2004-07-14Rite of a Desperate Man
Poetry 2004-07-16Byproduct Of My Sorrow
Poetry 2004-07-27Here For You
Poetry 2004-07-28Retroago (
Poetry 2004-08-05High
Poetry 2004-08-11A Prisoner of Love
Poetry 2004-08-18Shooting Up (All depends on the weather)
Poetry 2004-08-27Give Me Liberty (I'll Be Okay)
Poetry 2004-09-21Fade
Poetry 2004-09-27Starless
Poetry 2004-09-29Things Lost [Not Yet Recovered]
Poetry 2004-09-30Apocalyse...How?
Poetry 2004-10-01The Great Regression
Poetry 2004-10-01Madness = Rage
Poetry 2004-10-01A Bitter Gust Of Wind (Entangles the Soul)
Poetry 2004-10-12Bent and Broken
Poetry 2004-10-14It's All Around
Poetry 2004-10-18Eternal
Poetry 2004-10-24Thinning Red
Poetry 2004-10-26Bloody Hell, This Reality
Poetry 2004-11-03Lustfully Dead
Poetry 2004-11-03It Can't, If Only
Poetry 2004-11-15Who's Preference?
Poetry 2004-11-15Insomnicide
Poetry 2004-11-16I Walk Alone
Poetry 2004-12-02If Walls Could Talk
Poetry 2004-12-07Savior Of My Soul
Poetry 2004-12-21Thanks For [Mis]understanding
Poetry 2004-12-21Krazy Things
Poetry 2005-02-07Photo Album
Poetry 2005-02-09Only A Game
Poetry 2005-03-13Starbucks Killed My Soul
Poetry 2005-03-16(An Incoherent) Vision Of A Clairvoyant
Poetry 2005-03-31Poison The Raven
Poetry 2005-04-05Smiling At Mona Lisa
Poetry 2005-04-05Welcome the Flood
Poetry 2005-04-05Nickels and Dimes
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