I write dark as a form of release. It's not intended to be scary or emo; it's really just for me, but I don't mind sharing. I love feedback - positive or negative. Sum qui sum(:

Also, this site has pretty much slaughtered my writer's block! Thank you, DarkPoetry


"My angel lie to me, and tell me I'm dreaming... Baby lay in my arms, and cuddle me close. Soon this will be just an awful memory."

-Alesana*, 'Curse of the Virgin Canvas'

*I in no way represent the band "Alesana" and am merely a huge fan for life.

alesana's Works

Poetry 2012-11-19Facilis Descensus Averno
Poetry 2012-11-07Fractals
Poetry 2012-08-04Monotony
Poetry 2012-07-01Road to Nowhere
Poetry (Reflective)2012-05-14Perfidia
Poetry (Reflective)2012-05-14Advesperascit
Poetry (Reflective)2012-05-14Quaerentes Ruinam Animorum
Poetry 2012-02-28Flyaway Portrait
Poetry 2012-02-28Precarious Imbalance
Short Story (Fantasy)2012-02-25Hellspawn part 1
Poetry 2012-02-19Like Clinging to Shale
Poetry 2012-02-16And So I Live Again
Poetry 2012-02-11Lie You Here
Poetry 2012-01-20The Descent
Poetry 2012-01-19Our Separate Spirits Sing
Rant 2012-01-17About to Lose a Friend
Essay 2012-01-17Character Sketch
Poetry (Love)2012-01-16Words of Warning
Rant 2012-01-14RIP (Rebel in Pain)
Poetry (Love)2012-01-13Memories of You
Poetry (Love)2012-01-13Everlasting
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-01-13Strength, Hope, and Prayer
Poetry 2012-01-11For What You Stand
Poetry (Structured)2012-01-11Night Sensation
Poetry 2012-01-10Grave Robber
Poetry (Depressed)2012-01-09Froth of the Sea
Poetry 2012-01-08Maiden of the Stars
Other (Structured)2012-01-08Broken-Hearted World part 3
Other 2011-11-26Broken-Hearted World part 2
Other 2011-11-26Broken-Hearted World part 1
Poetry (Love)2011-11-26emotion flow - unstructured - lover's point of view
Poetry 2011-10-30Campus on the Bay
Poetry 2011-10-26When the Sun Falls
Poetry (Personal)2011-10-01My Uncle's Library
Poetry (Reflective)2011-09-26The Death of Life
Poetry (Reflective)2011-09-26Ambrosia
Poetry (Love)2011-09-24Sanguis Solis (Blood of the Sun)
Poetry (Love)2011-09-19Avenge Me, My Love
Poetry (Structured)2011-09-07Runner's High
Poetry 2011-09-04Wait and See
Other (Reflective)2011-09-04Painful Truth (completely unstructured)
Poetry (Reflective)2011-09-04The King of Liaz
Poetry (Fantasy)2011-09-04The Final Strike
Poetry (Love)2011-09-02Your Last Breath
Poetry (Perverse)2011-09-02Marquis de Sade
Poetry (Depressed)2011-09-02Shattered
Poetry (Personal)2011-08-31Silence of Desire
Poetry (Reflective)2011-08-30Ephemerality
Poetry (Reflective)2011-08-28Vintage Photos on Peeling Paper Walls
Poetry (Personal)2011-08-26Bay Window
Essay (Reflective)2011-08-24Like Sand through the Fingers of Death
Poetry (Reflective)2011-08-23Sunset Evergrey
Poetry (Reflective)2011-08-23Acquiesce ad Mortem
Poetry (Spiritual)2011-08-22What I Wouldn't Give
Poetry (Love)2011-08-22My Solemn Regret
Poetry (Personal)2011-08-21The Battle of Bloody Run
Poetry (Love)2011-08-19Amor Immortalis
List (Tribute)2011-08-19Amo Te
Poetry (Rage)2011-08-18Homicide Disguise
Poetry (Fiction)2011-08-18Crimson Pleasures
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