rain- [a painted cascade]

By Six-Out

it's raining outside-
and I'm standing on the front porch. just out of reach
watching the water cascade onto the grass
a flood of tears sent from the stars.
I wonder- the sadness they must've seen

and I look at my empty glass. resin of regret- I can still smell it
breathe deep. the stars have nothing on me

I've grown tired of this. this waiting-pacing abandoned corridors
living a life of broken dreams/ and minimum wage.
futility- awake to the grind. and hope there's something left tonight

-I washed away a painting yesterday. of a sky- red and orange
just to watch beauty fade. to create from a masterpiece- chaos
and I ran my fingers through the water running down.
the paint was crying- for it's meaning in life was gone
and I laughed.
.this life is nothing but what we make it.
and I've made it hopeless

daunting. are the shadows of this place- this old, familiar place
with a pseudodream. an empty heart. and a pocket once full of hope

the silence lies to me.

unprepared and served to the masses. I'd rather dig a hole into my heart
maybe I could see a new life- behind the illusion of emotion
change the channel and stop to watch the static. it's so intoxicating
I'd die. but the ratings wouldn't be good enough.

my hands hurt, and my knuckles are worn
I could have anything I want. within reason- and reason never was
a good friend of mine

I punctured my brain with a bullet of silk.
my lonliness is the only friend that will never run out on me
and my apathy is the only monster that will tear me apart
the soft whispers of another empty promise- tease me
taunt me- take:me:away from here.

I ripped the wings from a butterfly. just the other day
and watched it die.

and I'm watching the rain wash away the night.
the fireflies dancing on my tongue- twisting in the smoke
and I put my hand under the falling sky
waiting to see. if my paint will run- if my meaning will be wiped clean
and an empty canvas will be left in my wake

awake. again- at a little past midnight. sleep never comes easy anymore
and the bed is always so cold.

and being alone when the world ends- at that moment just before sleep
when reality isn't real. and dreams don't really matter
life is a myth- and these tears
they're acidic.

another glass. and I can't sleep.

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Copyright 2005 Six-Out
Published on Friday, January 28, 2005.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "rain- [a painted cascade]"

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  • Musik2MyEyes On Wednesday, February 24, 2010, Musik2MyEyes (221)By person wrote:

    Everything they already said and more. I am not one to be at a loss for words normally. But there are times...like this...when a piece is just so good...all you can do is the right thing...fav it. For being such a jester and smart ass in the chat all the time...in your writing you are nothing shy of brilliant. I'm so glad you are here...I'm so glad I am here.

  • CharlottesWeb On Sunday, October 9, 2005, CharlottesWeb (521)By person wrote:


  • A former member wrote: "-I washed away a painting yesterday. of a sky- red and orange just to watch beauty fade." -gorgeously written; I love the imagery & the painted texture. The architecture of this poem is very well crafted. torn wings&smoke&worn nerves&empty glasses; a fa

  • A former member wrote: ...empty glasses; a falling sky...the dripping of painted rains and the night washed away... "I ripped the wings from a butterfly. just the other day and watched it die." well done...

  • Six-Out On Monday, July 25, 2005, Six-Out (1481)By person wrote:

    I'm always anticipating a comment from you, because they're always so amazing. Thanks man.

  • A former member wrote: this screams sweet nothings at my unconscious; while i prepare to toss and turn on my old rugged i reach for the unreal reality slipping through my fingers, and found emptiness. must be the glass. empty like the promises you speak of. cynical.

  • NikesRain On Sunday, March 6, 2005, NikesRain (1339)By person wrote:

    outstanding and beautifully done. This is so lovely and yet so intensely sad and mournful. It's wonderful Jon.

  • AniDayz On Friday, March 4, 2005, AniDayz (822)By person wrote:

    oh how you hit me man...damnit. anything i could say would just be an understatement as to how i feel about this...

  • A former member wrote: omg this was just..wow Jon i want this on a tshirt so i can keep it close to my heart forever...this is a beautiful piece of art

  • Carmina Gitana On Sunday, February 20, 2005, Carmina Gitana (158)By person wrote:

    Love how you dissected all the myriad thoughts that seem to attack at some moments in the night, especially when it's raining. Beautiful, detailed painting, done on a grain of rice.

  • Malice In Wonderland On Monday, February 7, 2005, Malice In Wonderland (1021)By person wrote:

    Jesus fucking hell... Scholar

  • A former member wrote: Sixie, I love you. :-* Scholar

  • Jonas On Thursday, February 3, 2005, Jonas (766)By person wrote:

    beautiful and on pace with the tone of my days. so many great lines so perfectly put together. oh and you eat poo.

  • Spiritus_Frumenti On Thursday, February 3, 2005, Spiritus_Frumenti (343)By person wrote:

    jesus man....this is beyond brilliant...so many lines i love i could quote the entire piece...this left me sad and empty, just like you most have felt writing it...-l-

  • A former member wrote: this is so fucking incredible, msotly becaus rit hit me at the perfect time, you write in a way i'll always envy. great job man. shit.

  • girlafraid On Sunday, January 30, 2005, girlafraid (497)By person wrote:

    this life is nothing but what we make it. and I've made it hopeless-this is so true...so few people actually see that. I can see why you are proud of this work, it is soft and profound...

  • disc On Sunday, January 30, 2005, disc (39)By person wrote:

    You have a very fantastic way of snowballing your writes. It starts strong, tones down a bit, and then continually builds up to an explosion. The last line leaves you without breath.

  • CharlottesWeb On Sunday, January 30, 2005, CharlottesWeb (521)By person wrote:

    Heh...like you need more comments. But I do want to leave a note. Other then the one line so classic I was suprised to find it in your poetry...I watched the words create meaning that only another poem could exclaim about. ~tips hat~

  • stormtalk On Saturday, January 29, 2005, stormtalk (735)By person wrote:

    The beginning of this represented some of the better poetry I've ever read. The rest was variously excellent, too, but the first 7 lines are just plain gold. Very well done, Poet.

  • sIo On Friday, January 28, 2005, sIo (911)By person wrote:

    remnants of a stale man and a decaying soul project from this piece. beauty in words, most profound in themselves, bound together by the pain that renders them.

  • BeautifulCalamity On Friday, January 28, 2005, BeautifulCalamity (434)By person wrote:

    the one word that comes to mind is :: : colossal. this was just .. wow, amazing. a work from you that I absolutely love, it's personal but indirect. .. . c o l o s s a l.

  • A former member wrote: Hauntingly beautiful this is incredible.

  • swing_the_hammer On Friday, January 28, 2005, swing_the_hammer (49)By person wrote:

    "I punctured my brain with a bullet of silk. " well six, you never cease to amaze me! the ending reminds me of so many insomniac 1 am's. but hey, we can sleep when we're dead, right?

  • Lotophagi On Friday, January 28, 2005, Lotophagi (341)By person wrote:

    ahhh, Jon, this is so real and haunting.... the melancholy yearning is tangible, it makes reality hit with all of its lonely force. Beautifully written. Thank you.

  • elisa On Friday, January 28, 2005, elisa (1637)By person wrote:

    At times I've wished I could paint myself out of my own picture.....but who would hold the brush...right? and for some strange reason it made me realize I needed love...weird huh~elisa

  • Dolly_Fatale On Friday, January 28, 2005, Dolly_Fatale (29)By person wrote:

    This is surely one of the best pieces I have read here. I am pretty damn speechless.

  • Dr Benway On Friday, January 28, 2005, Dr Benway (48)By person wrote:

    Wonderful, as always this piece spoke to me like it came right from my own past. If only I could put them in print as well as you. As long as you have this kind of talent, you have somthing to give to this world, and most of all everyone here.

  • cre On Friday, January 28, 2005, cre (427)By person wrote:

    i logged back in just to say -- how much this hits me . . how much i feel it . . how perfect you wrote it . . how sad it is. incredibly done.

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