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  • "-'when you're not quite there but close enough...'...this is still my favourite line from this piece of magnificence."
    Posted by AniDayz on "Something Else" by Blood Saga
  • "i dunno if this is ignorant dispelling of some angst upon...something...personal...universal...or what-but at the same time i am twinged with a bit of that perspective, i am also unwavered by it, and moved with the rhythm of the voice within this---tho i admit i am confused as to what--not so much the .root. of this piece is, but confused by the composure of the writer(you)--=--tho, most surely, these kinds of pieces i appreciate in their provocative nature and -for confusing )(me)(. ...maybe."
    Posted by AniDayz on "Your Dildo Bears a Swastika" by climaks
  • "lovein' on the first part of this piece, and how itall bleeds together. well.woven."
    Posted by AniDayz on "Forbidden" by Blood Saga
  • "damn...this is beautifully.pungent and .stinging..../on so many levels. i am intrugied and---touched, echo.ingly."
    Posted by AniDayz on "Something Else" by Blood Saga
  • "'behold i hole the infinite universe in a microscopic piece of my finger ... bigger still are the dreams that linger raindrops the size of jupiter. evaporate way too late. flooding the milky way ...' the whole of this is like diving into the belly of a jelly fish. and breathing. and coming out alive."
    Posted by AniDayz on "The Watcher" by sixsixnine
  • "wow...there's an incredible depth to this that i just want to dive into and taste...this makes me smile at the same moment it gives me shivers at the same moment it pierces...its beautiful...thankyou for sharing*"
    Posted by AniDayz on "Tintanglia" by palenoble
  • "i am speaking of desire...and how that desire , the initial seed of desire grows and changes shape, form, colours...into passion, into a reality, into a connection(s) with another,...the transformation...through interaction, through growth and discovery into understanding and tangibility..."
    Posted by AniDayz on "arch" by AniDayz
  • "damn man, i relate to this so muchly...each word, the rhythm behind/within the emotion and the fukking realness of this speaks so purely and so truly...and i hear you, i feel you, i understand..."
    Posted by AniDayz on "voices like hand grenades." by Six-Out
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