Comments by NikesRain

  • "Enjoyed the imagery and the somber, even flow in this. Where many keep the edges of this type of sadness harsh and stinging, it's portrayed with a more smoothed off, polished feel without losing its deep effect. "
    Posted by NikesRain on "...Victims of the Fall" by SolApathy
  • "It's like fingers, drumming on soft , dark wood.... just enough weight to draw notice, just enough depth to keep straining for more.... shadow and light, the perfect waltzing companions"
    Posted by NikesRain on "Shadow Whispering" by Lab Rat
  • "The King's madness... not so mad, upheaval, a hurricane of less than lightly done moments, times. He is stubborn, but he always let his voice be heard. I'd still be a smartass to him anyway.... fyi the tower in the tarot means upheaval and change, a wake up call that change is coming, ready or not.....NOT destruction"
    Posted by NikesRain on "The Mad King's Tower" by Lab Rat
  • "I love the voice of this. An awakening and bold resolve laced with ... something more than just sadness or loss, something deeper, more inflicting. The opening is strong and no nonsense, moving smoothly though and finishing with a resigned doneness."
    Posted by NikesRain on "Broken Thoughts Inside A Sober Mind" by soul_versing
  • "There is a distinct boldness and clarity in this. An inner, 'sane' monologue that defies the expressed outward condition. The flow and language done beautifully, enticing the reader further, feel deeper. It conjures both awakening and sadness in its reading. Well done piece indeed."
    Posted by NikesRain on "The Silent Killer" by Anarchist
  • "Heav, tangible emotion throughout expressed well and without losing weight. A hard felt loss conveyed in the color of its weight. Well done"
    Posted by NikesRain on "its finally over " by Glass eyes
  • "Softly felt, for me anyway. Smooth and flowing with just the right tempo. For the cacophony of sound they can rise to, this was more lyric, more dreamy. Lovely"
    Posted by NikesRain on "Arid Speech" by lupus tenebrae
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