Comments by Spiritus_Frumenti

  • "theres a vulnerability to these words. a certain "open wound" aspect to the choices of the words and the rhythm you used...missed your words old friend...."
    Posted by Spiritus_Frumenti on "Apparent..." by urbanhumility
  • "I like the feel of your poems...the periods creating emphazis on things.....i havent been as inspired lately but reading this is bringing it all back for me"
    Posted by Spiritus_Frumenti on "" by Six-Out
  • "i like the repetition here....i like how, with poems like these, the verse that repeats sounds a lot more whisperish in your mind as you read it...almost like two people reading the different lines...good job...."
    Posted by Spiritus_Frumenti on "Dying World" by Uzumaki
  • "This was a tear jerker, it was like watching one of those sad lifetime was simple & honest...usually those are the best pieces...awesome work - l - "
    Posted by Spiritus_Frumenti on "yes..." by worm
  • "there was more of a bare-bones confessional aspect to this i really liked. "so I saved my breakdown/for paper/and let my tears dilute the ink"...nice piece..."
    Posted by Spiritus_Frumenti on "" by Six-Out
  • "very should be read like dramatic lines in a play..with anger and emotion...this should have kept stopped too soon...-l-"
    Posted by Spiritus_Frumenti on "Pearls of Tears" by ToxicLove
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