Comments by Ophelia

  • "wow about sums it up for me, I could give you this long critique about what a great work this is but "wow" seems to do it all...O"
    Posted by Ophelia on "How it Feels" by SilentHeart
  • "Thank you I have really missed writing just haven't had much time and decided that I needed some for myself and here I am."
    Posted by Ophelia on "Green" by Ophelia
  • "swallowed in upon itself the end is the beginning and there is nothing left, nice write I enjoy the image it creates."
    Posted by Ophelia on "The Bastard Son" by charliebrown
  • "It makes me want to say close your eyes and blow out the candles and don't tell anyone what you wished for and maybe you will get your wish. It is simple and yet so full of meaning just wanting someone, someone to be there to have someone to share it all with, happy b day."
    Posted by Ophelia on "All I want for my birthday..." by Adam
  • "Bitter sweet pain lost in beautiful words like holding hands at a wake or that look across a room meant to reassure only to be missed in a sea of faces...have I told you how much I love your work?"
    Posted by Ophelia on "" by Six-Out
  • "Your words still make that place in my heart beat just a little faster and a little harder because of the truth behind them and the feelings with which you write them........."
    Posted by Ophelia on "neoprene." by Six-Out
  • "lol does that mean I should have left something out and made it short I don't think I can do short I tend to be wordy very wordy .........O"
    Posted by Ophelia on "War Party" by Ophelia
  • "Blah give me gray hair and wrinkles any day, I can't wait to be really old because then you can say all kinds of stuff and no one minds cause they think you have finally lost it, HAHAHA....O"
    Posted by Ophelia on "old skool farts" by MercyRain
  • "Four times I have read this and countless more I will read it again, my heart hurts filled with a sense of pointless make me feel........O"
    Posted by Ophelia on "Skinny Dipping" by TropicalSnowstorm
  • "Cre, this is beautiful, I muct get PSP, because I just got to figure out how to create something so lovely "
    Posted by Ophelia on "Dark Girl" by cre
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