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Poetry 2010-03-16Blood on The Sand
Poetry 2010-03-16The Pit
Poetry 2010-03-17Life Sucks, huh
Poetry 2010-03-17You Pompous Bastard
Poetry 2010-03-17Bullshit Aside
Poetry 2010-03-18Me and Her and She
Poetry (Love)2010-03-18Her Knight
Poetry (Love)2010-03-21Liz
Poetry 2010-03-21Blood Red Dope
Poetry (Personal)2010-03-22Pity F*ck
Poetry (Personal)2010-04-07Uninvited Threesome
Poetry 2010-04-08Population Control
Poetry (Comedy)2010-04-16The Cow Jumped Over The Moon,Again
Poetry 2010-04-21Plagiarized Pain
Poetry 2010-04-22The Circle
Poetry (Comedy)2010-06-05The Party (writer's block from hell)
Poetry 2010-07-20What The Sin ?
Poetry 2010-08-15" Mis'er Henry's Holloween Treat"
Poetry 2010-08-2012 o'clock Midnight
Poetry 2010-08-27The Bastard Son
Poetry 2010-10-13The Rise of a President
Poetry 2010-10-13Newton's Law
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