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Standing on a small ledge, I gaze at the complexity of a gray, marbled sky. Alone, I am finally allowed to release the pent-up emotions that carried me through the week. With no one nearby to pass judgment and no one to stare disapprovingly, I tilt my head back and fall painfully to my knees. Closing my eyes, the sounds from the darkest edges of my soul extend towards the endless highways of clouds and dust. I feel my heart pulling from within my chest; pulling as if trying to escape. I extend my arms behind me, muscles taut, in an effort to reach and break the bands that keep my soul from taking flight – the cords yanking me ever downward. In frustration and agony, I push myself to my feet and clench my fists. Tears of confusion and anger threaten to spill over when slowly, the gentle fingers of Wind begin to caress my face and play with my hair.

She dances around and through me, laughing and singing. For a moment, she is still. And in that moment, I want nothing more than to ride the wind – and so I leap. I leap off of that tiny ledge and onto the back of freedom. Her strides as strong as a stallion and steady as an eagle. And I find that I am free. Free to move, free to think, free to feel. Free to -- BE.

In that moment, I am nothing and I am everything. I am not alive, yet I am finally living. I am not dead, yet my spirit is no longer connected to my body. I feel, see, hear, taste, and smell nothing. And yet, my senses have never been so awake and so active. My life is not my life, but the life of a heart once bound by fear, confusion, and pain now freed. My mind has been modified into an ocean of possibilities and a canyon alight with hope.

And for just this one moment, I have escaped from myself and found -- ME.

SilentHeart's Works

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