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I've been writing under the pseudonym of The Bard of Blasphemy for over ten years now! I don't write too much poetry these days; I'm more directed towards music and short stories. My main base of operations is at the following site:

At the moment my main effort is directed towards a novella which is in the final stages of production. It's a pschedelic horror story - Leary meets Lovecraft. Full details can be found at the above address.

On my website you can also check out links to music I've made, satirical stick figure toons, a few shitty flash animations and some death metal projects where I've contributed guttural vocals.


TheBardOfBlasphemy's Works

Poetry (Political)2005-03-06this mangled, rotting world....
Poetry (Reflective)2005-03-06Madness X
Poetry (Political)2005-03-06The Incontinence of Continents
Poetry (Philosophical)1999-03-06The Number of the Beast
Other (Comedy)2005-08-26CONSPIRACY NEWS... The Six-Out you never knew
Other (Comedy)2005-08-24CONSPIRACY NEWS... 'The DaVinci Code' secrets revealed
Other (Comedy)2005-08-17MUSIC NEWS... Interview with the Backstreet Boys
Other (Comedy)2005-08-09MOVIE NEWS... Russel Crowe stars in Deep Shit
Other (Comedy)2005-08-08SCIENCE NEWS... why men like boobs
Poetry (Ironic)2004-03-06The Perfect Poem
Poetry (Reflective)2001-03-06Aren't you?
Poetry (Depressed)2001-03-06VOICES No.5
Poetry (Depressed)2002-03-06Happiness
Poetry (Horror)2002-03-06Madness IV
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