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I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I'm rooting for the machines.
Claude Shannon

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Poetry (Tribute)2012-03-03main feature
Poetry 0000-00-00when matter melts
Poetry (Tribute)2015-10-24a sijo for Tom
Poetry (Personal)2020-09-12red beans and rice under a chandelier
Poetry (Reflective)2012-03-03Black
Poetry (Love)2012-03-06Ophelia in the bathtub
Short Story (Fiction)2012-03-06Housecall
Poetry (Love)2012-03-07Don't pick up your phone
Poetry (Abuse)2012-03-07boo frickity hoo ~ night terrors for daymares
Poetry (Rage)2012-03-14Professor Plum at the LHC
Poetry (Tribute)2012-03-16Shopping List
Poetry (Love)2012-03-16three seconds of time
Poetry 2012-03-16grocery tabloid news
Poetry (Reflective)2012-03-16from outer space to my heart
Poetry (Reflective)2012-03-16HEALTH ALERT
Poetry (Fiction)2012-03-18cyanotica
Poetry (Reflective)2012-03-24Storage Wars
Poetry (Personal)2012-03-24turn left
Poetry (Personal)2012-03-25Merry Christmas, Deirdre
Poetry (Reflective)2012-03-28the day i driet to live
Poetry (Reflective)2012-04-14i hold broken children
Poetry (Reflective)2012-04-20staff meeting
Poetry (Fantasy)2012-04-23Thoraco-omphalopagus
Poetry (Reflective)2012-04-26The Year of the Rabbit
Poetry (Horror)2012-04-27he grows behind mirrors
Poetry (Personal)2012-05-14Lattice Multiplication
Poetry (Rage)2012-05-14Mount Salak Cliff Walls
Poetry (Personal)2012-05-19Himmler's hymen
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-05-20solving for a variable
Poetry (Love)2012-05-21ripped your T-shirt
Poetry (Personal)2012-05-21Tangerine Dream
Short Story (Love)2012-05-21Grey Bear, a Love Story
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-05-22A Memory Palace
Poetry (Reflective)2012-05-25Thoreau & I had coffee
Poetry (Personal)2012-05-25FOCUS
Poetry (Ironic)2012-05-30MaquĆ­ladoras
Poetry 2012-06-24EF5
Poetry (Personal)2012-09-10down by the trailer . . .
Poetry (Reflective)2013-04-122:27 am
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-06-24puppy dog tails
Graphic Art 2014-07-04James Joyce on the beach
Short Story (Ironic)2014-07-12lockit
Other (Personal)2014-10-18hunting tigers
Other (Personal)2015-02-06can opener
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