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Ok all you DP peeps, i'm back for a second round and feistier than ever. If I laugh at you it's only because I love to laugh and not becouse you're all that funny.

"As you look up into the sky you can see the stars but still not see the light" The Eagles, song title Already Gone

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds".~Albert Einstein~

"Let me go crazy on you, let me go crazy on you" by Heart. This runs through my head constantly as I think about our bodies in the night.

My yahoo ID us honeydipped1979

For those of you addicted to mycrack you can catch me at

alaskanamber's Works

Poetry (Fantasy)2006-12-04untitled #1
Poetry (Love)2006-12-05Anatomy of an Orgasm
Poetry (Love)2006-12-11Where I Belong
Poetry (Rage)2006-12-12downtown carols ring out (edited)
Poetry (Depressed)2006-12-13Beneath the Boughs of The Redwood Tree
Short Story 2006-12-20dancing with my demons on a street corner
Poetry (Depressed)2006-12-23saying goodbye to hate
Poetry (Rage)2006-12-24final scene of the blood maiden
Poetry (Personal)2006-12-28the rubber ball that gags me
Poetry 2006-12-29weeping cannot cure my pain (edited)
Poetry (Reflective)2006-12-30your eulogy
Poetry (Fantasy)2007-01-01100 years of memories
Poetry (Rage)2007-01-05Thief Liar Demon
Poetry (Love)2007-01-06never let me go
Poetry (Depressed)2007-01-07black butterflies of panic
Poetry (Depressed)2007-01-11a voice
Poetry (Depressed)2007-01-11dark poetry in vain
Poetry (Fiction)2007-01-14seeds of insanity
Poetry (Personal)2007-01-19My Demons of Addiction
Poetry (Fantasy)2007-01-23insomnia reigns in black days
Poetry (Adult)2007-02-03friday night itch
Poetry (Love)2007-02-05whores in the night (rewritten and retitled)
Poetry 2007-02-14yesterdays of today
Poetry (Love)2007-03-25journey of a thousand kisses
Poetry (Love)2009-04-19Shivers
Poetry (Rage)2009-04-20I'll show you psycho
Poetry (Depressed)2009-05-11Pile of Ashes
Poetry (Perverse)2009-05-11Blank Stares of Blackened Lovers
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