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Ok now a little about me
Name-Joshua Benjamin Wilson(my friends call me Benny)
Im from Hendersonville,TN
occupation-I lay carpet or floor installation you could say
Hobbies-Guitar,Fishing,Writing,and love to watch combat sports(UFC and Football).
I dont know much about writing styles and such. So I just write what I feel.And Im sort of prone to making it rhyme.
Anyway welcome to My Dark Philosophy.And I hope you enjoy

Proud member of the Redneck revoloution
Liquor Lieutenant Loki Redneck

You can also reach me at Loki2112@hotmail.com
it works for email and my Msn messenger
I also have a Myspace account if your interested.My url is www.Myspace.com/bennyakaloki

Quotes that inspire me as a poet and a person

Better to be hated for who you are
than loved for who your not

The only thing nesescary for evil to triumph
is when good men do nothing

Never Doubt that a small group
of committed people
can change the world
Indeed its the only thing
that ever has

And one of my own.
When one who is loved abuses that love.The one who loves will begin to hate.

I got this from the movie Dune.I think its cool.
I will not Fear
Fear is the mindkiller
I will face my fear
and let it pass through me
And when it is gone
there will be nothing
Only I will remain

I have to give a special thanks to Eternally Blue for sponsoring me.And having my account upgraded to Basic Member.She is a beautiful person and A great inspiration to me.I just love her.: )

LOKI's Works

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Poetry 2006-11-19Rivers Run Red
Poetry 2006-11-21Warrior Song
Poetry 2006-11-22I Want it All
Poetry 2006-11-25A Dark Philosophy
Poetry 2006-11-27First They Bleed
Poetry 2010-07-12Only Heaven Can Wait
Poetry (Reflective)2012-05-235 A.M.
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