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Why not turn fucking tragedy into beauty?

...and life can continue to be life.

...and expectations are a bitch

contact me through dpmail

R.I.P. ....and wish you were here
J.L.P and J.A.P. and M.J.L. love you and miss you all the time

I love DP its been The Only way I could express myself when I needed to. I should of wrote these last couple years ... have come full circle with self sabotage and I cant tell u where the years and brain cells went...but I'll never give up on love , then life...And my gorgeous and perfect miracle baby. The center of my tiny world.... MY MJ 6/2/16****

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Poetry 2014-10-13Aftershock ....and I love You
Poetry (Personal)2014-04-29Tell me it's not the finale...
Poetry 2010-01-20Stuck
Poetry (Love)2009-07-28Lucky you
Poetry 2009-07-03Sign your life away
Poetry (Personal)2009-06-25officially fucked
Journal (Reflective)2009-06-20what I know
Poetry (Ironic)2009-06-17unfinished
Poetry (Love)2009-05-18...we just haven't yet
Poetry (Reflective)2009-03-28These are just words
Poetry (Love)2009-03-18comfort???
Journal (Love)2009-02-22Still you. Part one
Poetry (Love)2009-01-09Rest ,my love (revised)
Poetry (Personal)2008-07-07Sometimes dreams are all we got
Poetry (Depressed)2008-12-28The Truth about us
Poetry (Personal)2008-04-16My heart tells me what my mind can not
Poetry (Personal)2007-05-08Simple wish
Poetry (Depressed)2007-04-24Anger , Sadness... Speechless
Poetry (Personal)2007-04-21What defines me
Poetry (Love)2007-04-18I love that I make you sick
Poetry (Love)2007-04-16***Vague Memories of our Love***
Poetry (Depressed)2007-03-16A Brighter View of Me
Poetry (Depressed)2007-03-08The Glamorous Life
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