Comments by Bloodofdeadpoets

  • "*moment of silence* this was a trully amazing piece, the flow was brilliant and the mood captured so was, thanks for sharing "
    Posted by Bloodofdeadpoets on "Darkest Places" by cre
  • "yes this is the honest truth i remember how dp was before it became a popularity contest back when a person's comment was true and it wasnt made in hopes that their popularity would increase, well spoken piece"
    Posted by Bloodofdeadpoets on "Plastic Poets" by Chameleon
  • "damn another wonderful piece by you, your words reach into the untouchable depts of my souls, you are truly talented, thanks for sharing"
    Posted by Bloodofdeadpoets on "Lost" by Bloody_Hands
  • "damn very nice piece, so intense and filled with emotions happiness,pleasure,sorrow all piled into to one interesting write,thanks for sharing"
    Posted by Bloodofdeadpoets on "Stalker" by SilentStalker
  • "very nice piece indeed, i love the way you show the want and need for somthing but didnt focus on any single thing very nice makes me wonder what im chasing if there is anything at all, thanks for sharing"
    Posted by Bloodofdeadpoets on "the chase" by kissofdeath
  • "very nice piece, its been so long i had almost forgotten the brilliance of your work, this poem was indeed a treat to read, thanks for sharing"
    Posted by Bloodofdeadpoets on "There" by liquid_emotion
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