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Let me take hold of your hand and whisper words of sweet hatred within your ear as I cut you up, wanting you to suffer the pain you have caused me.

Bloody_Hands's Works

Poetry 2003-08-25To The End
Poetry 2003-08-28The Music In My Ear
Poetry 2003-08-28Bloody Hands
Poetry 2003-09-14In My Head
Poetry 2003-09-17 Lost Faith
Poetry 2003-09-20What Is The Difference
Poetry 2003-10-07My Angel Of Deceit
Poetry 2003-10-08Lost
Poetry 2003-10-31Emptiness
Poetry 2003-11-01Trick Or Treat
Poetry 2003-11-15Mental Break-Down
Poetry 2003-11-26Goodbye My Friend
Poetry 2003-11-29Killer
Poetry 2004-03-24Fallen Angel
Poetry 2004-03-25Fake
Poetry 2004-03-25Faith
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-17My Bloody Addiction
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