Comments by Aurora_Light

  • "Dark my friend, and so much like you. "A hunger, that so very like death, will last forever" just wow, it's so true that when you long for a love that hungry doesn't fade, just as death can never be reversed. well writen *bows*"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "Contract with a Muse" by Stranger
  • "*bows* Truly a magnification work of art. If only every solider who came home had someone to hold them and care for them like this. "
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "my precious soldier" by Sin
  • "When I first stared reading this I thought I might be getting a a new look at the love triangle from King Arthur's tales, but you surprised me. I am impressed and delighted at your ability to untie poem and story in such a great manner."
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "(#3) Boy loses Girl" by Marek
  • "I thought this was a masterpeice when i read it the very first time and my opinion has not changed in the past 5 years. the imagery is great and leaves just enough to the imagination, I miss you"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on " R.E.A.L." by Stranger
  • "*sits back and stares* I have to say that you are very talented, you captured feelings so hard to describe, i had a love like that once and this work of yours caputers how i felt so perfectly "
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "reflections of an old flame" by Armand
  • "This work really hit me today, you wrote on a subject is something all people need to try and understand. if we prick our finger does not the smae color blood flow from everyone? you topic and wording combined to make a truely moving work of art *bows*"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "The Cause of Our Demise" by darkness_descends
  • "i had to read this several times and each time it hit me from a diff angle. and i agree the last stanza is very moving"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "Heartless God" by GothicBlack
  • "your right it doesn't seem done just yet but i like what you have. btw hi chica long time no speak"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "Love" by Rebel_Angel
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