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What can I possibly say...some days are just better than others. If you want to know about my work...I'm not hiding anything cryptic messages...just the poetic form of course.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for having me here. I'll just sit down my baggage and have a little chat now and then. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed =P

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Poetry (Reflective)2007-11-18HOW DID IT FEEL?
Poetry (Reflective)2010-02-16Attempt at words
Poetry 2010-02-21How strong are your beliefs
Poetry 2010-02-22Riddles In the Dark: What Am I
Poetry (Reflective)2010-02-25Why no current pictures?
Poetry (Personal)2010-02-27I Need This So Much
Poetry (Reflective)2010-03-07Whisper?
Poetry 2010-03-07Murderous Clock
Poetry 2010-03-07Why Am I Here?
Poetry 2010-03-09Memories A la Carte
Poetry (Depressed)2010-03-11The Wall
Poetry (Love)2010-03-12A Poem by Punk Mc Cool
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-01A Legacy Perhaps
Poetry (Abuse)2010-04-01Being used?
Poetry 2010-04-01A Loss For Words?
Poetry (Reflective)2010-04-04Photographs
Poetry (Tribute)2010-04-05Breakfast with ebony
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