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I am a strange individual. I'm just a short little goth girl who loves to write. I love words. I am fascinated by their power, and by their ability to create feelings and emotions or to do nothing at all. I love languages. I am fascinated by how one word may mean one thing in one language while it can mean something totally different in another. I love to collect quotes. Here are a few of my favorites:

"I'm pacing back and forth in the shoes of a satanist, body of a devil, and mind of an atheist"-Dramadeus

"I want to wake up in your world with no pain, but i'll just suffer in a hope to die someday"-Marilyn Manson

"I wear this fucking mask baecause you cannot handle me"-Marilyn Manson

"All I want is what I will never have"-Deftones

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet"-Plato

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Poetry 2005-05-14Why the river flows
Poetry 2005-05-14My devotion
Poetry 2005-05-14Death of a poet
Poetry 2005-05-14Hiding the pain
Poetry 2005-05-14Anti-inversal thoughts
Poetry (Fantasy)2005-05-15My death
Poetry 2005-05-30Once upon a time
Poetry 2005-06-02The Death of Love
Poetry 2005-08-16Pleas for Sanity
Poetry 2005-08-18Broken Girl
Poetry (Depressed)2005-08-18My suicide
Poetry 2005-09-05It's over
Poetry 2005-09-05Self Injury
Poetry 2005-09-11Numb
Poetry 2005-09-11Helpless Suicide
Poetry 2005-10-09Elizabeth
Poetry 2005-10-23Schizophrenic
Poetry 2005-12-17She's broken inside
Poetry 2006-03-12Heavenly dying angel
Poetry 2006-08-05Fallen Angel
Poetry 2006-08-06Invisible
Poetry 2006-08-27Pleas for Salvation
Poetry 2006-09-27Harsh Reality
Poetry 2006-10-25Thoughts of Heresy
Poetry 2006-11-08Rainbowgoth Acrostic
Poetry 2007-01-29Untitled
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