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"Evil is a point of view, God kills indiscrimitly, and so shall we. for no creaturs under god are as we are none so like him as our selfs." Lestat

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Lyrics 2003-06-10"Abuser"
Poetry 2003-06-10"Beautiful"
Poetry 2003-06-10"Bleed"
Poetry 2003-06-10"Broken"
Poetry 2003-06-10"Goddess"
Short Story 2003-06-10"Second Chance"
Poetry 2003-06-10"The Revange Part 2"
Poetry 2003-06-10"The Revange"
Short Story 2003-06-10"Part 2"
Poetry 2003-06-24"Cutter"
Poetry 2003-07-20"give me strength"
Poetry 2003-07-21"Prequel to Cutting"
Poetry 2003-08-01“Painful Memories”
Poetry 2003-08-07"Ignorance"
Poetry 2003-08-12"She"
Poetry 2003-08-23"Wilted rose"
Poetry 2003-08-29"Second Glance"
Poetry 2003-09-01"Damned Daughter"
Poetry 2003-09-03"Craving"
Lyrics 2003-09-05"Love Affair"
Poetry 2003-09-08"Sweet Dream"
Poetry 2003-09-09"Sex Addict"
Poetry 2003-09-15"Last Time"
Poetry 2003-09-27"After Death"
Poetry 2003-10-03"Rant"
Poetry 2003-11-03"Wake Me"
Poetry 2003-11-03"Let This Be A Warning"
Poetry 2003-11-29"Luciant"
Poetry 2003-12-08"Bittersweet"
Poetry 2003-12-14"Remember"
Poetry 2004-01-11"help"
Poetry 2004-02-05"Him"
Poetry 2004-02-18"tease"
Poetry 2004-04-07"Why"
Poetry 2004-07-10"giveing in tonight"
Poetry 2004-07-16"Broken"
Poetry 2004-10-05"For My Love"
Poetry 2004-10-09"After Sex"
Poetry 2004-10-15"Freaky"
Poetry 2004-10-20"Cindy"
Poetry 2004-11-13"sin full"
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