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Do not be afraid. It is only me. - say hi

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Poetry 2005-01-04My Love
Poetry 2005-01-04Paper Wishes
Poetry 2005-01-04UnFly
Poetry 2003-03-18The Bridge
Poetry 2001-04-29Merman
Poetry 2005-00-12Selfish Prayers
Poetry 2005-01-29Would You Hate Me?
Poetry 2001-04-25The Pool
Poetry 2004-10-02Drink Up!
Poetry 2001-05-02The Other Side
Poetry 2005-03-26Dark Poets
Poetry 2005-03-27Come
Poetry 2001-06-20The Journey
Poetry 2005-09-07I Remember
Poetry 2008-04-24Angela's Well
Poetry 2009-03-27Your clothes
Poetry 2009-08-18Always
Poetry 2009-10-18In Your Dreams
Poetry 2010-11-04Passion
Poetry 2011-03-04Couch Dreams
Poetry 2011-07-25Where you lay your head
Poetry 2013-10-27Waiting for a Clue (for T-)
Poetry 2013-11-11Untitled
Poetry 2014-01-07Why the Ocean Waves
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