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Peeking out from the shadows to speak my heart.

My pronoun is They/Them

Eric's Works

Poetry 2013-12-21Le sourire de la sagesse disparaĆ®t
Poetry (Philosophical)2003-07-30Astronomy and Fairy Tales
Poetry (Philosophical)2003-03-06Sounds
Poetry (Structured)2006-01-29Until
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-08-16Dawn's Finale: One mans ending, anothers beginning
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-08-27Crashing Down
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-25voice
Poetry (Personal)2006-04-15Midnight Hill
Poetry (Reflective)2006-07-26Interlude of the Void
Poetry 2006-08-10In Due Time
Poetry (Fantasy)2006-08-17Dreamer's Horizon
Poetry (Personal)2006-08-17Field Of A Dream
Poetry (Philosophical)2007-01-11Star cove of the dead
Poetry (Depressed)2007-06-30Damn Your Eyes
Poetry 2008-06-30Falling Inward (Toward a Bitcrushed Gridlock)
Poetry 2009-12-08Pastel of a Wooden Shade
Poetry (Tribute)2010-01-02Goodbye Doctor...
Poetry 2010-02-03Spherical Sunrise In HIFI
Poetry 2010-12-27The endless reverb of distance points of light
Poetry (Love)2010-12-27The Starlight of You
Other (Personal)2011-10-18Stream of consciousness of a failed Hawk
Poetry 2013-11-29A Tragic Mistake, The Darkness Breathes
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