Spherical Sunrise In HIFI

By Eric

Spherical sunrise fills the reaches of time.
Branches sway into the lunar winds that fill the valleys of crimson grass.

Into the illuminated sky above.
Crystal stars sway through the endless beyond.
Blinking into ever changing colors.

A wallow bird lands on the rock.
Feathers spread, it cries out its morning call.
Filling up the dreams of the aeon's past.
Draining the creation of aeon's to come.
As the tears fall.

Cast upon eternal winds.
The tear carries fiber optic life.
To the androids monochrome heart.

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Copyright 2010 Eric Scott Diaz
Published on Wednesday, February 3, 2010.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Spherical Sunrise In HIFI"

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  • carlosjackal On Sunday, September 17, 2023, carlosjackal (2827)By person wrote:

    That ending was a fantastic turn and surprise. Like a surrealist painting suddenly turning into an electronic wonder.

  • Meadowhawk On Thursday, February 4, 2010, Meadowhawk (163)By person wrote:

    Well versed with interesting analogies. Nicely written.

  • Eric On Thursday, February 4, 2010, Eric (78)By person wrote:

    Thank you!

  • Solace On Wednesday, February 3, 2010, Solace (1069)By person wrote:

    Something eternal in that rise and fall - inevitability and constancy - in effect we are experiencing something all man has. Veritable symbol of hope. Stunning imagery with a hint of stifling machinery - that such beauty could be mechanized. The tear of fiber optics, the dull colourless heart. Androids will presumably be no less created than we are, and though flawed images of gods creating flawed images of us. The reflection is still beautiful in its own way. Thanks for this.

  • Eric On Thursday, February 4, 2010, Eric (78)By person wrote:

    Wow. Love your comment. Means a lot to me. :)

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