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~*Redboy - Your Song*~
bedtime in the land of broken telephones
it's been a few days, I wonder if you're home
if you're lying in bed thinking of me
one pillow and an empty sea
heart from the floor to the washing machine, hey yeah

some days I can't ignore the pain
do you ever think we made a huge mistake
when you opened up your heart and trusted me
gave you all I had and I believed
now after all of this, all we have is wait, but
all I ever wanted was you

6 a.m. and I wanted you to know
this bridge is broken and about to go
and I'm so damn sick of lying to myself
what I gave, what we had, what I wanted to keep
came and left and kissed me in my sleep
now all I have to keep me occupied
is your song, your song

there was this night we spent alone
we watched the snow fall from the window
and I could feel your heart beneath the sheets
your body warmed every part of me but
nothing's holding us up now except our common courtesy,

well I wish there was something you could say
we come together and we turn away and you
stood above me with your head in your hands and I
wanted to hold you but I couldn't begin I
brush your fingers and quietly pray cause
all I ever wanted was you

~*Redboy - Mine*~
space between us we slip through
you are the rose in my thorn
sit by me and I won't look
I know, one glance and I'm done

It's in my head
you know, it's not just in my head
It's in my head
It's not just in my head

Baby, that's the problem, i don't know what to let go
well, maybe that's the problem, some fucked up timing is all
we're getting good at keeping it all under control
but i can't tell you the truth
i know, you're not mine

i'll write this out in the rain
watch the ink run all over the page
absolution comes so slow
wanting you as fast as I go

it's in my head
it's not just in my head

Boy, I won't ask you to stay
I guess i had it coming, thinking that i was something
falling all over this phrase
I looked at you and it got stuck in my face

water fills up my pockets
all these lines wash away
I catch your eye and I'm silenced
everything that I don't say

It's in my head
you know, it's not just in my head
It's in my head
It's not just in my head

~* Queen 'Too much love can kill you'*~
I'm just the pieces of the girl I used to be
Too many bitter tears are raining down on me
I'm far away from home
And I've been facing this alone
For much too long

I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me
About growing up and what a struggle it would be
In my tangled state of mind
I've been looking back to find
Where I went wrong

Too much love will kill you
If you can't make up your mind
Torn between the lover
And the love you leave behind
You're headed for disaster
'cos you never read the signs
Too much love will kill you
Every time

I'm just the shadow of the girl I used to be
And it seems like there's no way out of this for me
I used to bring you sunshine
Now all I ever do is bring you down
How would it be if you were standing in my shoes
Can't you see that it's impossible to choose

No there's no making sense of it
Every way I go I'm bound to lose

Too much love will kill you
Just as sure as none at all
It'll drain the power that's in you
Make you plead and scream and crawl
And the pain will make you crazy
You're the victim of your crime
Too much love will kill you
Every time

Too much love will kill you
It'll make your life a lie
Yes, too much love will kill you
And you won't understand why
You'd give your life, you'd sell your soul
But here it comes again
Too much love will kill you
In the end...


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