Comments by blue angel

  • "-sighs lift beyond the sway of limbs.... marooning her in desire... while shadows caress her skin. it's all about the hunt... and one can't hide from the muse inside..... - it's always a pleasure being visited by the sly feline . -k"
    Posted by blue angel on "Weeping Willow" by Deathkitten
  • "It gives me chills... congrats on earning the 'Poem of the Day' spot!! I can't think of another more deserving than you Deathkitten! Bows low, for you in this strange dark place.. - blue angel"
    Posted by blue angel on "Your Vacant Beauty" by Deathkitten
  • "Awe, yes, but then there's that favorite toy that you just can't seem to discard no matter how tattered it gets... :)~ Love this one, kitten* :)~"
    Posted by blue angel on "PLAY-TOY" by Deathkitten
  • "Gathering the light from the shadows is illusive in nature, but yet it burns bright with each indulging swallow...:)~ This is a very powerful write... It drew me in from the darkness ~*_*~ "
    Posted by blue angel on "[My Life]" by Deathkitten
  • "Powerful and a lovely tribute, she was a very beautiful girl. This makes my heart ache for you; Good luck ~ It's a winner ;)~ ~*_*~"
    Posted by blue angel on "Lifeless" by Deathkitten
  • "Words masked in surreal understanding of truths within the heart:)~ This is one of my favorites~*_*~ Corydalis for you :)~"
    Posted by blue angel on ":Unfailing Me:" by Deathkitten
  • "I had to take this in with the light of the day anew, as you have done with the nights hungered nightmare that lies on your flesh, so self aware of this harsh life coursing through your veins and rearing it's distorted smile at you.;)~ This is an enlightening write! Well done ~*_*~"
    Posted by blue angel on "*~Deep Down~*" by Deathkitten
  • "A raw essence in the most brutal form, you're beautiful in those tainted suds:)~ Such a haunting and disturbing write, my dear... much love to you ~*_*~"
    Posted by blue angel on "Just like a "cutter"" by Deathkitten
  • "I was right beside you in that filthy house of pain, now rotten and decrepit ! This is a very visually satisfying write. And I love how you evoke the senses of smell along with the stinging pain. :)~Very talented, indeed. !!"
    Posted by blue angel on "Run Away: Welcome to [North Carolina]" by Deathkitten
  • ""I need no worship to be on my own.. There will be followers even when you are gone" ~spitfire and save matches, damn girl... You bite the bullet and grin:)~ love this very much !!"
    Posted by blue angel on "*=Satisfy Me=*" by Deathkitten
  • ""Saving all will be a challenge one might resist" I'm following you on that ;)~ Wow, kitten this is a refreshing write, I really dig it !! Nicely thought out !! *hugs* to you*"
    Posted by blue angel on "xXBuild the MasterXx" by Deathkitten
  • "I've read this several times, and can relate to the constant battle , the wild animal inside claws at me relentlessly;)~ Emotions are so raw, love it "
    Posted by blue angel on "KILL IT!" by Deathkitten
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