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well hello...umm i tried to sign up here before but i gave the wrong email...well it was right just unactivated anywho i am usually a really mellow person...too quite sometimes but when i speak up i scream and its defining..hehe

here is an example of my works...

carry me away with magic dust and fairy wings
the tiled floor is cold up against my face
i can feel my heart as it begins to race
the blood it pumps begins to rust
and i can taste the acidic iron
it burns a path up my throat
as i purge out the demons
and now i mask my fears in black eyeliner and mascara
i see trough spider lashes
they tickle my cheeks
i dare to close my eyes and dream
of the nightmarish reality
that molests my existance..............

yeah i wrote that a few weeks ago annoyed with my entire being..
umm yeah this is spose to be short but just thought id state that id really like bein apart of this community been reading alot of the works quite inspiring i currently live in a residential home like a hospital but long term i get out for weekends and holidays!! haha but been locked up for over a year lost all my relationships in the process and it would be good to beable to express myself here i think with people whod understand... thanks

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