...Fearsome Dreams

By SolApathy

Run away with the dream
A night with no screams
Cold chills and sweats unseen
To be myself if I could only remember what that means
Find myself lost in thought of memories- - betrayed
My blood runs hot in the sunlight of a happiness once wrought
Upon the fantasies of a happiness that could never be bought
Childhood dreams and a view so innocent it cries
Knowing of the adulthood in which it will die
   Broken in the moment – These wings never meant to fly
I dip my ink into the blood of now fading dreams
Looking out of the window I see only fearsome things
I whisper silently in the hope that my fear won’t echo too far
Arising the demons that brought these scars
Should I scream for you?
Would you come to my aid of one who has used the blade?
I battle my veins every day
I hear in my mind - - words they say - - I believe to be true
Bloody bathtub parable- - in song they soothe
I know of what they dream
I fear now that it’s my dream

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© 2020 SolApathy
Published on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

...I exist in the desire of no tomorrow..Sinking deep into the quicksand of all my sorrows
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Comments on "...Fearsome Dreams"

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  • worm On Wednesday, August 30, 2017, worm (1236)By person wrote:

    another fine piece! you have, once again crushed it! ~worm~

  • Purposelessness On Wednesday, August 30, 2017, Purposelessness (157)By person wrote:

    Amazing how you just whip these up. Reminds me of my growing up in some ways, demons and knives and screams... But it wasn't all bad ;)

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