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Biker Bitch by choice.
Poet by habit.
Recovering addict always.

Proud Ol' Lady of a Survivor.
Clean and Sober

Just for today

Roxxi's Works

Poetry (Personal)2018-12-31Gnarled
Poetry (Love)2019-01-01Razor
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-01-02Hallelujah
Poetry (Personal)2019-01-02Elmira
Poetry (Tribute)2019-01-03Mogadishu, Somalia
Poetry (Love)2019-01-17David
Poetry (Love)2019-01-31Scar
Poetry (Abuse)2019-02-17Svengali
Poetry (Personal)2019-10-25Amends
Poetry (Depressed)2019-11-16Point, Taken
Poetry (Depressed)2019-11-28Bandages
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