By Roxxi

As an addict
I have lost the right
To say "I'm sorry"

Verbal apologies mean nothing
Only changed behavior does

Apologizing with expectations
Leads to bitter resentments

Just because I ask for forgiveness
Doesn't mean I deserve it

Keep my side of the street clean
And follow through with amends

As an addict
I only have the right
To say "how can I make it up to you"

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Copyright 2019 Roxxi
Published on Friday, October 25, 2019.     Filed under: "Personal" and "Poetry"
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  • Burning Eden On Saturday, November 9, 2019, Burning Eden (565)By person wrote:

    ...Apologies are just a casual hello, they hold no meaning in their hollow utterance, But yet somehow I believe if I saw into your eyes and you whispered those words, there would be no lies... Never stop fighting your demons or they will win. In you I see a desire to never again, give in... Great write, a painfully true statement.

  • 13sonsofgod On Saturday, October 26, 2019, 13sonsofgod (939)By person wrote:

    I was addicted for 30 years, and no one gave a dam thought of forgiveness to me, not even my family. Lost my only son to addiction, and he was forgiven with my heart., this is when i understood, forgive yourself first, for this is the mightiest step to change.....your write is truth....just be true to you for the rest of your days...13......

  • Commander_Cadaver On Friday, October 25, 2019, Commander_Cadaver (264)By person wrote:

    Only those that know that they have messed up due to their past demons deserve forgiveness. Sadly, not many people will forgive or some will but won't forget. It's a battle on many ends. Hopefully those souls do fully forgive soon. Great write.

  • Lil Rorschach On Friday, October 25, 2019, Lil Rorschach (189)By person wrote:

    wow, really powerful great emotion conveyed. This is so fucking true with "how can I make it up to you" best of luck with your life, live long and healthy friend.

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