Comments by Lil Rorschach

  • "You really capture mental health and your raw emotion is definitely felt, I have felt that dread. While I can't fully understand your story and your pain, and vice versa know that I see you. I absolutely love the last stanza of rebuilding it is truely like that, sometimes it feels that god just gave me pieces that don't go together. Just know that we are here for you, carry on soldier. As usual live a long happy healthy life friend. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "Self Corrosion " by CryMeaRiver
  • "Really like this piece it is still a like a rhythmic style almost like a kids story. Yet is dark as the real world, great job! "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "Big Bad Wolf" by Shaded_Iris
  • "If I am a ghost why can't I fucking fly yet? Not being a live and not being dead is horrible, I have been there and I have helped people out of that rut. I wish you the best friend, know that we are all here for you. Live a long happy healthy life friend. We know your pain."
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "i need prayers " by Nemo
  • "That ending is really emotional and filled with pain. I hear you in that we all hear you. This piece is great, I wish that you stay alive. I wish you the best of luck and a long happy life."
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "17 stitches " by CryMeaRiver
  • "Nice tribute piece, really makes me remember past experiences. Nice and warm simple little things build upon the bigger things. I hope you are feeling better, great piece. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "blanket camouflage" by Flavorless
  • "Great piece I feel for you a lot. While life can seem very traumatic just know that it can get better and through time you will grow. It seems hypocritical for me to tell you that you'll find love since I have that problem as well but I speak to you knowing that good things will come to good people. You will find what you need and I wish you the best in that regard. I'm sorry your day isn't going well, don't let your self hate get the better of you. It may seem hard and thats because it is but learn to live with it, because it gets better. Stay alive friend."
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "she can't see it." by Flavorless
  • "Oh how pretty she is and her lips so sweat. But her lingering after taste is haunting and most definitely regrettable because her irreversible practice is permanent. Don't let her into your life friend. Great write "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "Lady death asks for a kiss" by Paul Young
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