Comments by Lil Rorschach

  • "Simple yet so complex, the self loathing within this piece just juts raw emotion and lets the mind paint vivid pictures with the words that you have used. Great write, I hope it gets easier. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "small wings" by Flavorless
  • "I love the lines "That look in your eyes tells me that your not surprised You feel you're the only one that knows my sunset and sun rise All of the little idiosyncrasy about me have been cataloged by you You've noticed things that you doubt I even have a clue " it is so almost sad nostalgic feeling for me. It reminds me of crazy X's and how we try to act all unmoved around them in a playful game of brinkmanship. I have read over the line "Should we had killed us and gave life to them" and I am just assuming that it refers to you killing yourself, I might be reading it wrong. I hope it isn't that. Anyways stay healthy in this weird time. "
    Posted by Lil Rorschach on "What Do You Think" by I IS ME
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