Comments by SolApathy

  • "...In the absence of the only one that makes us feel... I wonder where all the happiness goes that their farewell smile, steals... You have a great write here, I felt every line in this work of artistic beauty... Ahh...How ironic something so sad can be amazing... "
    Posted by SolApathy on "Separation Anxiety" by RaheemaFKM
  • "It's worse than personal depression, watching someone else slowly unravel, knowing there is nothing to can do to stop the downward spiral--Knowing exactly where they are headed. THank you for the comment. "
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Burdens of the Broken" by SolApathy
  • "Thank you, I enjoyed writing about the thoughts of two that missed they were the perfect match, if only they would have taken the time to give it one last try.. I think there are so many of these realities out there. "
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Caustic Revelations " by SolApathy
  • "The abuse portrayed here holds no beauty, and yet the words are written so eloquently... The dark finality of what happens next is a mixture of the sorrows of past sins intertwined with the relief of what no longer betrays within. ~~A stunning rewrite "
    Posted by SolApathy on "‚Äč.... Until daddy's gun helps." by God Is In The Rain
  • "Great imagery here, You used so many different elements to portray this person's pain . Thank you for sharing. "
    Posted by SolApathy on "Glee...." by Imzadi
  • "Welcome to Dark Poetry, glad to have you here! Great poem, I enjoyed every line. A tip, though- you need to work a little on the structure of your lines so it reads more like the poetry it is. If you would like some help with poem structure just let me know, I'm glad to help! "
    Posted by SolApathy on "Unwritten..... " by Imzadi
  • "Usually those requests are in the chat channel. I also take random chats in that channel and turn them into quick poems (my last 2 posted poems are quick poems derived from chat). "
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Tendrils of the Storm" by SolApathy
  • "I am known here for people giving me a theme (Technological terror in this case) or just a few words and writing a poem within 10 minutes of the request. This is one such poem. It is why people here call me the robot alchemist. Thank you for reading, I always enjoy seeing what people think and feel about the words I weave. "
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Tendrils of the Storm" by SolApathy
  • "The internal pressure you put upon yourself in this poem is palatable. Sometimes the questions are the torture....Who needs answers when the questions alone cause us to cry? "
    Posted by SolApathy on "Chasing Dreams" by Cattarax
  • "Thank you for the comment....I am not an addict myself, but I lost one of my best friends to it. She was stable for many years on Suboxone. After Obamacare they forced her to change doctors, dropped her to 50% of her prescription and sle lost control and got back on the H. It killed her."
    Posted by SolApathy on "...Chaotica " by SolApathy
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