Comments by SolApathy

  • "Such a poetic use of Svengali... She speaks to you in sweet whispers of self destruction... "
    Posted by SolApathy on "Svengali" by Roxxi
  • "An interesting read, I hope to see what becomes of this story, flatulence aside! "
    Posted by SolApathy on "Answers" by I IS ME
  • "Our calloused wounds are our walls, thick--Saving us from the burdens of being hurt once again, never realizing those very callouses hold the pain deep, unable to seep--Festering deep under the skin, corrupting what we were trying to protect--from within. I enjoyed your poem, it was deep and quite enjoyable to read! "
    Posted by SolApathy on "Clear Thoughts" by I IS ME
  • "One always knows the Tattoo Goddess when she spills her words upon the page, perfectly aligned with just the right amount of caged rage echoing behind words of pain. I always see your sunshine peeking through the rain... I loved this write, one of my favorites for sure. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. "
    Posted by SolApathy on "marble." by soul_versing
  • "Thank you for the comment and the thoughts of reflection. Our world is all too shallow. It's funny, Dark poet just wrote a poem on shallow people right after this one---it is a great poem, too...Definitely worth a read! "
    Posted by SolApathy on " …Shallow moods within a deep pond" by SolApathy
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