Comments by SolApathy

  • "A powerful write reminiscing of those memories that bore such a combination of pain and happiness... Like that salty sweet treat that has no right to taste that good...This is why we must never let those memories die though, they help us strive for something better, even if it may never come--The hope that it will keeps up from becoming numb... "
    Posted by SolApathy on "Bandages" by Roxxi
  • "...Apologies are just a casual hello, they hold no meaning in their hollow utterance, But yet somehow I believe if I saw into your eyes and you whispered those words, there would be no lies... Never stop fighting your demons or they will win. In you I see a desire to never again, give in... Great write, a painfully true statement."
    Posted by SolApathy on "Amends" by Roxxi
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