Comments by SolApathy

  • "Thanks. We definitely need more people to donate. I am creating a web-archive, though it will be limited to areas that are available without a login, and it will be dated as of today 9-12-22 so we can at least have a partial backup that everyone can access. "
    Posted by SolApathy on "Server Update Announcement" by DarkPoet
  • "BEautiful imagery...Giving so much, only to watch it drift away. Never the forever companion you desire...Keep searching, you will find your fire"
    Posted by SolApathy on "Held" by I IS ME
  • "The blight of ever-diminishing cares, lent to the absence of any meaning, further demeaning a life surrendered to mecreodrity...Am I more of a menace than a man? Is a man anymore, even what I am? A beautiful, if not chilling work of how depression rots from the inside out... Thank you for sharing-- Favoriting this. "
    Posted by SolApathy on "The Patient" by God Is In The Rain
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