Shallow moods within a deep pond

By SolApathy

Shallow moods within a deep pond 

I taste the emptiness of a moment with superficial meaning
I lay here in wonder of why I’m even breathing
Futility of a life not worth leading
I’ve always been led by the ominous dread
Of a universe being slowly bled
No one seems to notice the suffering within
As people bloody their kin
Haste in the devil of instant retaliation
Laid-to wastes of soon to be abhorrent reflection
Our never-ending search for perfection
Lost are the moments of true importance
We become-Shallow moods within a deep pond
Did you know of my sorrows before I cried?
Did you know of my dreams before I lied?
Did you see the regret as I died inside?
Telling of a happiness unknown as the cancer has grown
Hear my faint dreams before the light fades from my sunset eyes
Replaced by the echo of an empty glass—never dry
Once I whispered of a beauty I dreamt
Now there is only the chaotic crackling of desperate screams—Spent


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2021 SolApathy
Published on Sunday, February 28, 2021.     Filed under: "Graphic Art"

Author's Note:

...The envy of one that still has feeling in a world with so little...Meaning
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