By GraveFlower

her feet fit in my palm

her hands wrap around my finger.

her nose nuzzles my neck.

she is the best feeling

her eyes hold my soul.

when my world is crashing around me.

she saves me....

her coo soothes me.

her smile lifts my heart.

when i am broken

she is thread that ties me back together,
she needs me

i need her more.


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Copyright 2012 GraveFlower
Published on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.     Filed under: "Tribute" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Edan"

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  • A former member wrote: Wow, very beautifully written. Great piece, loved it!

  • mpvmuthu On Sunday, January 10, 2016, mpvmuthu (14)By person wrote:

    Wow! Elegant expression!! @mpvmuthu5

  • TropicalSnowstorm On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, TropicalSnowstorm (1752)By person wrote:

    Lovely piece! Ciao, T/S Scholar

  • BetaWolfinVA On Monday, October 29, 2012, BetaWolfinVA (810)By person wrote:

    Beautiful, someday perhaps, some day Scholar

  • Rebel tiGer King On Thursday, October 25, 2012, Rebel tiGer King (259)By person wrote:

    this melts my heart, thank you for sharing this beauty - RTK

  • carlosjackal On Thursday, October 25, 2012, carlosjackal (2589)By person wrote:

    A wonderful, heartfelt tribute to your baby girl..Congratulations on motherhood :)

  • haunted On Wednesday, October 24, 2012, haunted (954)By person wrote:

    nothing like the bond between mother and daughter. what a lovely poem!

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