soldier's picture
I am a soldier
I am a poet
I am an artist
I am fucked up inside
I am kind
I am a musician of sorts
Stringed instruments are my specialty

Yes I smoke
Yes I drink
Yes I used to be a drug addict
No I do not regret it

I like rape
I like murder
I like torture
I like mutilation
I like suffering
I like to watch others suffer

I am in love with some one
The only person I'd give my life for
But at the same time I would kill her with out thinking twice

I am disturbed
Darun is more disturbed
DoctorAsh is the messiah
Matt is a criminal mastermind

This site is just to keep people from realizing that he is smuggling in immigrants to be his personal mafia family while stealing every ones left shoe

I love chocolate
I love Japanese girls
I love red heads
I hate the polish but I love the language
I am learning polish
I love music
Death metal is my passion

No, I probably won't hurt you
No, I will never be "sane" or "normal"
No, I won't break
No, I won't let you touch me

I like to fight
I like martial arts
Lua is the greatest martial art next to thai-chi
What did you say? Them's fightin words

I will talk to you if you want me to
I will even listen
I am tolerant towards every one (except the polish)
I will be your friend if you ask
No I won't slaughter your family for food

Yes your mother is hot
No your dad doesn't care if I come over
Your little brother even calls me daddy number two

I am heartless at times
I am hateful
I am psychotic
I am a mass murder inside
But let's keep that on the down low

My name is Zach
I am Damascus Steell

soldier's Works

Poetry 2010-01-12I knew
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Poetry 2010-01-12Let it Rain Pt2
Poetry 2010-01-12Let it Rain Pt3
Poetry 2010-01-13Suicide Note
Poetry 2010-01-13Beautiful
Poetry 2010-01-13Sleepless
Poetry 2010-01-13No More Pain
Poetry 2010-01-13Endless Nightmare
Poetry 2010-02-24Snow Angels and Bloodstains
Poetry 2010-02-24Kathyrn
Poetry 2010-04-12So You Thought You Were Innocent
Poetry (Abuse)2010-05-06Love Is War
Poetry (Depressed)2010-05-16Until Then
Poetry 2010-05-16Until Then (Pt2)
Poetry (Beat)2010-05-16Still Breathing
Poetry (Reflective)2010-05-16Anyway
Poetry (Love)2010-05-16Home
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-05-16Kreator
Poetry (Beat)2010-05-16Waiting
Poetry (Love)2010-05-16Welcome Home -Elizabeth-
Poetry 2010-05-16I Hold So Dear
Poetry 2010-05-16Destructive Reign
Poetry (Perverse)2010-05-17The Death Of Melanie Fisher
Poetry 2010-05-27The Truth
Review (Personal)2010-06-23An Ode To The One Who I Loved And Lost
Poetry (Abuse)2010-06-26Sometimes
Poetry (Abuse)2010-07-10My Spiritual Revival Thru Drugs
Poetry (Reflective)2010-07-21I Wrote This Song For You (I Wrote This Song For Myself)
Poetry 2010-08-10Dumbfounded Blues
Poetry (Perverse)2010-08-12To Kill Children As They Pray
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