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Why hello there. My name is Angel. I am quite the musician. I love to sing and I play 12 different instruments. I am in college at the moment. Alot of people say I am too chipper to write dark poetry, well this is what I say to you, "Bite me!"

You never know what a person is thinking. That is all that needs to be said.

I love talking to new people. If you feel like a chat feel free to message me.

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Poetry 2010-04-27Tears Are Falling
Poetry 2010-05-13Dark Silence
Poetry (Tribute)2010-05-13Musical silence
Poetry 2010-05-13Lost
Poetry 2010-05-16Rain
Poetry (Tribute)2010-05-20My Unwanted Hero
Poetry (Abuse)2010-05-20Stop
Poetry 2010-05-21Finally
Poetry 2010-05-22Loveless
Poetry 2010-05-25Love Me Sober
Poetry (Tribute)2010-05-26Daniel (Part 1)
Poetry 2010-05-27Andrew ( Part 2 )
Poetry 2010-09-01Taking me back
Poetry (Love)2010-09-13Only You
Poetry 2010-09-27Why Me?
Poetry 2010-10-01Untitled
Poetry 2010-10-04Frantic.....
Poetry (Abuse)2010-11-02Imcomplete
Poetry 2010-11-18Don't Want to be Your Future
Poetry 2011-01-07Little Miss Angel
Poetry (Erotica)2011-02-22Being Hers
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