Comments by Magdalena

  • "Thank you Dan. I found my happiness in being single for 12 years, maybe more and finding I do not need what perception can make one believe one does. A lot of my poems are written from reflection of my past. :) "
    Posted by Magdalena on "sky person" by Magdalena
  • "And I'm the most independent now than I have ever been in my whole life. Thank you again Kaiser for reading me and commenting. Always appreciated. "
    Posted by Magdalena on "sky person" by Magdalena
  • "Thank you very much. I wrote it over a year ago and is posted elsewhere and I also created an audio video of this piece and it is on my YouTube channel. :)"
    Posted by Magdalena on "an unapologetic fuck you" by Magdalena
  • "Thank you. Her story was one of much sadness and tragedy. I made this into an audio video with Corinthian/anaksunamun's picture. I will put the link here...."
    Posted by Magdalena on "Corinthian K~" by Magdalena
  • "I can absolutely relate Karen. Eddy was my older brother too, and I still think of him as my big brother, albeit, he was 18 when he died. You're welcome and sorry you lost your brother also. Thank you. :)"
    Posted by Magdalena on "sunday memory" by Magdalena
  • "shaggy sampson brought those pillars down with this piece. Love the visual as well as the written word. Great stuff Dan. "
    Posted by Magdalena on "Iconoclast II" by dwells
  • "Thank you, that means a lot, especially as I enjoy reading my work and creating the videos. I am always learning with regards to those. :)"
    Posted by Magdalena on "something pretty" by Magdalena
  • "Thank you Dan, good to see you. I'm sure I won all of the battles thus far, the war is always ongoing for everyone, such is life. It waxes and wanes but we battle on. I'm pretty ruthless in my old age, haha. "
    Posted by Magdalena on "Elan" by Magdalena
  • "Thank you Summer, your review is it's own poetry. Appreciated much. "
    Posted by Magdalena on "Elan" by Magdalena
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