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  • "The description is wonderful and it definitely gives you an idea of what you yourself was seeing when you were writing. Well done. --David--"
    Posted by gnrrain on "Apostles of Darkness" by Riven Waker
  • "My younger brother is currently in Iraq and this definitely makes a very outright and scary statement. I like that it's very dry and serious and to the point. Well done friend and if you are in some branch of the military please be careful. There are people here that thank you for your work at your office. Thank you --David--"
    Posted by gnrrain on "Another Day at the Office" by Soldier Of Silence
  • ""Your policies and your regulations. Your hypocritical masturbations" Exquisite. Period. --David-- "
    Posted by gnrrain on "Dry House" by skully
  • "Regardless of the context, the message is clear. Interesting use of rhyme though. --David--"
    Posted by gnrrain on "Emo Song" by Nail Bunny
  • "Thanks for the welcome Ariel, and i don't think it's odd at all about what you were picturing, it can be viewed as a person or thing depending on what you can relate the words to from your own mind :)"
    Posted by gnrrain on "My Valentine" by gnrrain
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