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Flashes bright but never fades. Blinds all in its path.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read my inks, double thanks to those who comment, and triple thanks to anyone who talks to me.

May your light flash bright, always ~ DeificLightning (Light)

DeificLightning's Works

Poetry 2018-06-24Echoes
Poetry 2018-06-24Smile
Poetry (Satire)2018-06-25Isn’t It Funny?
Poetry (Reflective)2018-07-11Ticking Time Bombs in the Night
Poetry (Reflective)2018-07-15And the Wheels Spin
Poetry (Philosophical)2018-07-26May They Be Sheep
Poetry (Reflective)2018-08-01Musical Storm
Poetry (Reflective)2018-08-03Soul Tired
Poetry (Philosophical)2018-08-06Tragically Beautiful
Poetry (Reflective)2018-08-11Painted Lies
Poetry (Reflective)2018-08-28Screaming Truths
Poetry (Reflective)2018-08-30I’m Fine (I’m Not)
Poetry (Personal)2018-09-11Drowning
Poetry (Personal)2018-09-13Always Misunderstood
Poetry (Reflective)2018-09-15Blocked Ink
Poetry 2020-06-18Cracked
Poetry 2020-07-10Oh Raven
Poetry 2020-07-24Shimmering Blinds
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