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I AM...
A Happy Catastrophe.
This is me being a Nerd.
I don't bite, unless you like that sorta thing.
Been cute since 1973.
Adventurer, risk taker, Artist, Troublemaker,
A Poet. A Wannabe Wordsmith with...
A Thesaurus addiction.
Writing is my therapy. It's cheaper, too.
A stumble-bunny that Loves to Laugh.
Everything is funny...
If you can laugh at it.
Drama Shield Activated!
You can't rain on my parade.
My clowns carry umbrellas.
A Dance in the Rain is the very best kind!
Looking for Laughter and Beautiful Minds...

It is the dusk of life, with more memories than future. Funny, I can't feel the breeze as the door closes. I look in a mirror without recognition. I feel numb, yet the pain lingers.I must put it down to sort it out. That's what writing does, you know, it clarifies the thoughts.
Oh, but to be able to paint it, only to envision a flat black canvas with random specks of light. There is no order in that, and no order in life, only small scattered images.
The images must come together, the words tie the knot. I need you to understand, yet I need more to understand myself. I don't mean to ramble on but life does that, too.
There is fear, fear I can't describe in simple terms, but nonetheless exists. The unknown, like the blank canvas without the specks of light, eludes my desire to verbalize. I feel the anxiety of the unknown, a trembling of insecurity. But how can I describe what I do not know? I can only express the feeling which seems irrational when written.
I feel the need to explain myself, especially to me. I can see I need to look forward with anticipation to change. That helps take away the fear. I already feel a little less like a lemming running off the edge of a cliff. So much of life is like that, you see, blindly running toward destruction. Allowing life to go by uncontrolled, unchallenged is too easy. Ignoring my feelings, they don't go away, they just control me. I am taking control. I write with hope of a vision, to comprehend the whole, to conquer the fear.

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